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Keep food fresher, longer

The Banana Seal is proof that technology can't solve all our problems. Once in a while, we have to rely on something decidedly low-tech.

Amazing! Seal-A-Bag, LLC

Sometimes it's the simple things that make the biggest difference. Ever used a chip clip on a bag and been disappointed to find that your chips are stale anyway? Next time, try the Banana Seal, which essentially turns any bag into a zip-top resealable bag.

Press a tube into the sealer on the opposite side of the bag to seal in freshness, even in the freezer. The clip is virtually unbreakable and creates an airtight seal for bags of snacks, crackers, frozen foods, brown sugar, and so on. It's particularly useful for anyone with dexterity issues, because it's much easier to use than a chip clip.

If you find yourself with lots of holiday leftovers, pick one up so none of your food goes to waste! Find a package of 18 seals at retailers nationwide or online for around $20.