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Keep Fido off your iPhone

An all-natural product contains herbs and oils that can deter your pet from gnawing on your gadgets.

Don't Chew Dare
Kathy Santo Everyday Pets

Did Fido eat another iPod? Unless they can burp MP3s, dogs that chew, drool on, or even consume expensive electronics could face a worse punishment than a rolled-up newspaper to the nose.

Kathy Santo, a dog behaviorist who makes organic, dog-related products through her Everyday Pets line, wants to prevent people from getting rid of their pooches due to gadget disasters or shelling out hundreds to replace their chewed up devices.

She alerted us to an updated version of "Don't Chew Dare," a solution meant to ward off dogs with its bitter taste. The all-natural product contains the herbs patchouli, sandalwood, and peppermint leaf, as well as the oils clary sage, spearmint, and rosemary extract.

"Don't Chew Dare" already comes in a spray that can be used on household items and clothing. Now it comes in wipes, which Santos claims are suitable for electronics. The hope is that the bitter-tasting herbs will keep dogs away from your expensive, shiny gadgets and their delicious taste.

The organic recipe is free of alcohol and toxins. So if you're desperate to spare your devices from the slobbery jowls of Fido and you don't mind your cell phone smelling like peppermint and rosemary, the wipes will soon be available online from Everyday Pets.

If the wipes don't work, try a robot dog. Even when it's bad, it won't be able to chew on itself.