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Katwalk VR body rig translates your jogging into game movement

Moonwalking in special shoes while suspended from a hook, wearing a headset? It's VR's latest crazy gimmick, direct from China.

Moonwalking on the Katwalk.

Aloysius Low/CNET

Showing off its new VR body rig at CES Asia in Shanghai is Kat VR's cutely named Katwalk. Wearing the HTC Vive VR headset, the Katwalk VR system suspends you from a rig. Special shoes -- equipped with accelerometers -- track you as you slip and slide across its pedestal, your physical movement translating into virtual reality movement.

Walking seems smooth and you won't accidentally trip and fall, and the rig is also configured to detect jumps.

The Hangzhou-based company told me that it the Katwalk will go on sale by the end of July, but only in China and to businesses. The company envisions that its Katwalk system will be used for gaming at arcades, touring virtual versions of new homes, online shopping or even education.

It won't be cheap though: The entire rig, including the computer, software and games, will sell for a minimum of 50,000 yuan, which converts to a cool $9,200, £6,370 or AU$12,550. While it's definitely not affordable, perhaps a consumer version will appear in the future.

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