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Kate Moss and a free camera case

Nikon's free giveaway actually looks pretty cool

So it seemed like an ordinary press release: Nikon is giving away a limited number of free leather camera cases to Coolpix owners.

At first, we were like, "blah blah blah free camera case giveaway equals lame promotional stunt." But actually seeing it, we changed our minds.

For people willing to register their Coolpix (and personal information) on Nikon's promotional Web site, the Zac Posen Coolpix Camera Accessory (aka camera case) is actually pretty nice.

The case, as you can see, is made of black and camel leather and based on the design of the fall 2006 line of Zac Posen handbags.

Forget the turnoff (or turn-on I suppose for some) of the naked Kate Moss sprawled across the site using the Coolpix to coyly shield her dignity.

If you already plunked down the $300 to $400 for the latest Coolpix, then you were obviously not that bothered by the lame advertisements.

Pssst...for the significant others reading this post. No-reason gifts are always welcome, and no one has to know you got it for free.

You will, however, have to manage to get the model and serial number of his/her Coolpix, as that is required for the registration.

(Photo: Nikon)