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Kata camera pouch gives your little shooter extra protection

Kata's Digital Pouch DF-404, part of the Digital Photo Series (DPS), is a point and shoot pouch which features unique TST Rib protection for your camera.

Earlier this week, I mentioned a pouch made for point-and-shoot cameras during my Editor's Office Hours video that I keep attached to my bag strap so I always have a camera handy. I received a couple e-mails about what exactly the product I mentioned is (thanks for watching, BTW), so I figured I'd post something quick about it here on Crave.

There are obviously a ton of small camera pouches out there, but I needed something sturdier and more secure than most. The $17 Digital Pouch DF-404 from Kata is part of the company's Digital Photo Series, a consumer-focused offshoot of its pro video and photo bags that are based on designs it originally developed for special units of the Israel Defense Forces.

So, even for a little pouch, it can take plenty of abuse and for extra protection it has a hidden rib structure down the front of the flap. This TST Rib protection (it stands for Thermo Shield Technology) is a lightweight shock-absorbing material found on several of the company's bag lines.

Also making this pouch worth its money is the very strong and secure belt strap that uses a sandwich of two hook-and-loop closures, so there's pretty much no chance someone's going to run by you and grab your camera without you going with it.