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Kardashian, Banks, Bieber (Who isn't trying to profit on tech?)

As Kim Kardashian has put her name to a celebrity video game and Tyra Banks invests in an app that puts pretty pictures on lock screens, we only wait for Bill Murray to launch a "Lost In Translation" iPhone app.

I think that's meant to be Kimmy, but I'm not sure. Glu Mobile

Sometimes, my inbox is full of exciting news.

An ex has got married, divorced, or drunk. A disliked ex-colleague has been arrested for bigamy.

But Tuesday, it was like my own personal edition of Star magazine.

I could barely contain myself on learning that Kim Kardashian has given her name, voice, body, and soul to a new video game called Stardom.

As InsideApps has it, this is a Glu Mobile game that "will introduce players to the world of Hollywood, with Kardashian serving as the player's mentor."

This is a follow-up to Glu Mobile's "Inferno," a game that introduces you to the world of Hell, with Beelzebub as your mentor.

It is also a follow-up to its very successful Odometer game, which introduces you to the world of the NBA, with Khloe Kardashian as your mentor.

Yes, of course I made those up. But it seems as if stars are willing to put their names to any type of technological excitement in order to expand their brands.

No sooner had I digested this corn flake of joy, then I received a breathless e-mail declaring that Tyra Banks has just invested in Locket.

No, this isn't a new chastity belt for bank managers. It's an Android app that brings pretty pictures to your locked home screen.

The PR release unlocked its breathlessness like a man released from jail after 15 years.

This, apparently, "marks the first ad tech investment for Tyra Banks through Fierce Capital, LLC, the investment arm of The Tyra Banks Company."

Banks has an investment arm. It's called Fierce Capital. Will Beyonce, Sasha Fierce herself, sue?

Let us pause, though. If this is the first ad tech investment by Fierce Capital, does that mean there'll be more? Will all ad tech companies be now assailed by famous people desperate to put their names to some concocted algorithm or other?

Why, yes.

You will have to read more quotes like this from Banks: "When I first met with the Locket team, my immediate reaction was, Locket is genius!"

And I am sure it is. But Tyra Fierce seems not to entirely grasp how tech works. For another of her PR blurbs read: "It's hard to believe that this idea began with a group of young entrepreneurs working in a small apartment, living off of pizza and ramen to make their startup a reality."

Tyra, that's how Facebook began. Well, without the ramen.

It seems that there's a certain credibility to be gained from associating yourself with the tech world.

Why, even the great Justin Bieber has just put his name to a social network that seems to revolve around selfies.

Perhaps, like so many, stars believe there is easy money to be made in tech and all they have to do is put their names to a project.

In this, they are no different from many rotund, less picturesque venture capitalists, who believe that their names will effect more investment and therefore success.

I am still waiting for Mayor Rob Ford of Toronto to put his name to a social network for politicians who take drugs and then selfies.

I fancy it should be called Shoot Me Up.