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Karaoke with video cam: bad concept

Some things should stay at the bar


Some would say that everyone needs a little karaoke in their lives, even in the shower. And if you're really serious about it, you might even want to record your performances on your way to American Idol.

And GPX wants to help you avoid the fate of Sanjaya Malakar with its "CD+G Karaoke System." In addition to its 5.5-inch LCD, dual speakers and "professional" microphone, the machine has a built-in digital video camera so you can record yourself belting out "Stairway to Heaven" for later viewing. (Warning: Results may vary after the effects of alcohol wear off.)

Still, its $100 price is certainly more reasonable than top-of-the-line $1,800 "DoPi Karaoke" system, and it's relatively portable at 14 pounds for transportation from one kegger to the next--both of which will make it easier to chuck it out the window once you've actually seen yourself in action.