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Kanye to sue YouTube founder for posting Kardashian proposal video?

A report suggests Kanye West is furious someone posted a video of his proposal to Kim Kardashian. That someone is said to be YouTube founder Chad Hurley, who posted 150 seconds to his new MixBit site.

The happy, but allegedly pissed off, couple. ABC News/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

If I were to propose to my one, true, twice-married love, I am not sure I would hire the San Francisco Giants' ballpark to do it.

Then again, I am not Kanye West and am not currently in love with Kim Kardashian.

When you invite a teeming horde of your nearest and dearest to such a proposal, you make them sign a confidentiality agreement.

But you love them more than you trust them.

So when Valleywag tugged at my heartstrings and then poked my eyes toward a TMZ report, I was disturbed.

The word, you see, is that someone at the proposal filmed some of the proceedings and then posted them for the world to see.

This someone is alleged to have been YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley.

I am not sure how close Hurley and West truly are. Perhaps their shared love for fashion brought them together.

What seems evident, however, is that Hurley did post footage of the loving extravaganza to Twitter and to something called MixBit.

Those for whom love takes a backseat to commerce will be wondering what MixBit might be and whose brainchild it is.

According to Hurley's tweet, it's "an app that helps people create videos together." Yes, it's precisely what the world has been missing until now. And it is, indeed, the creation of Steve Chen and, um, Chad Hurley.

This might leave the intriguing question as to whether Hurley might have had an accomplice in the filming and posting of this masterwork (which has now enjoyed more than 1.5 million views).

Or, whether, indeed, it is Hurley at whom West is allegedly angry.

Still, TMZ insists of Kimye: "Our sources say they are PISSED OFF that someone present at AT&T Park secretly taped the proposal and leaked it. The couple thinks they know who did it, and that person signed a confidentiality agreement. We're told a lawsuit is imminent."

At the time of writing, the footage is still up on Twitter and MixBit.

So the mystery, like Kanye and Kim's love, deepens.