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Kanye, the new Steve Jobs, gets Jobs-signed Apple mouse

Kim Kardashian, good friend of Steve Wozniak, gives her beau lovely Apple Pro mice signed by Jobs and Woz. They are a Father's Day gift.

Here's how Kanye presented his gift to his followers. Kanye West/ Twitter Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

One word rarely used to describe Kim Kardashian is "mousy."

Although, for all I know, that might be one of Kanye West's pet names for his beloved.

She has, though, clearly wormed her way into the Western frontal lobes with a gift she gave the next Steve Jobs for Father's Day.

Should you have been detained in a Russian airport with passport problems recently, you might not be aware that West has declared himself -- not once, but twice -- the next Steve Jobs.

Perhaps this, therefore, might have been Kimmy's motivation in purloining two Apple mice -- very special Apple Pro mice, from around the year 2000. One is signed by Steve Jobs, the other by Steve Wozniak.

On Monday, Kanye himself tweeted a picture of the two mice to his multitude of followers. He explained that this had been a Father's Day gift.

It's likely that Kardashian didn't have to wield any purchasing power in procuring these items.

Woz is a fast friend of Kim and was one of the first to see her and West's new baby, North.

Indeed, when he learned of Kanye's tweet, Woz posted to Gizmodo: "I signed this mouse right in front of Kanye, after chatting and joking with him for an hour or two, right in the hospital where Kim had given birth. I included a couple of other gifts. Kim went as far as she could to do the best things she could think of for Kanye and I'm impressed with her. I'm lucky to have the same with my wife Janet."

They say that it's hard to know what to give the man with everything. I am sure that the eyes of the newly annointed Yeezus moisted with joy at the sight of these two precious items.