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Kanguru Flash Drive Max 16GB: Not big or cheap

Ever wanted to carry around the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy in your pocket? Well you can with a 16GB Kanguru Flash Drive Max. Watch out though, it's not cheap

In 1972 the most memory you would be able to carry around with you was 1.5MB, on a large and unwieldy 8-inch Memorex 650 floppy disk. You could just about fit Bohemian Rhapsody in MP3 format on that, but the bit rate would make it sound like it was being sung through a straw.

Now you can get up to 64GB of memory on a USB memory stick the size of your thumb. A US company called Kanguru makes and sells the Kanguru Flash Drive Max, which has a maximum capacity of 64GB. However, that particular model costs about £1,000, so we thought we'd show you the less expensive 16GB version (pictured).

Not only is it small but it's light, weighing 18g, and comes in a robust aluminium housing so it won't snap in half if you step on it. It will work with USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports and is compatible with Linux, Mac OS and Windows.

To put in context how incredible this storage/space leap is, you can store around three DVDs, 16 DivX films or 4,000 MP3s on a device that'll fit into a Marlboro ten-pack with half the cigarettes still in it. There is a catch, however: whatever space you'll save in your pocket by carrying one of these around, you'll lose in your wallet -- it costs about £330. If the price doesn't put you off, it's available from Kanguru's site -AL