JVC's Time Square display finally on...display

JVC's new 19 foot by 34 foot, 12,500-pound, LED-based screen is now up in Times Square, so we can finally take a gander.


I recently posted a blog about JVC's new 19 foot by 34 foot, 12,500-pound LED-based screen--which JVC says is the first true 720p screen in Times Square--that debuted on December 2.

Well, now that it's up, we can finally take a gander. Hmmm, this strikes me as the type of thing you'd have to see in person and in motion to really appreciate, cause pics just ain't cutting it.

This reminds me of the 2D age in video games and how you could look at a screenshot of a game and estimate, pretty accurately, its graphical quality. Then the 3D era was ushered in, and when screenshots of games looked like crap, the most widely used defense was, "I know the screens look like crap, but you really need to see it in motion to appreciate it." JVC should totally take the gaming fanboy stance on this pic.

The video below is pretty cool though. It's a time-lapsed vid of the screen's construction. Hey look, it does look good in motion!