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JVC's stalker cam

Got a pesky restraining order to circumvent? JVC has the camcorder for you.

JVC Victor

I have to admit, Engadget's comment on the 34x zoom JVC GR-D750 camcorder is the best thing about it: "For moms and creepy men." With a 1,496mm-equivalent maximum zoom lens, you have to wonder where the specsmanship will end. I mean, to take a close-up shot of the moon, you really need only an 800mm lens. And image-stabilization technologies in consumer camcorders can usually handle up to only about 20x zoom, so clearly you'd need a tripod to get decent video. So we're talking about a camcorder optimized for shooting from a fixed position very far away from your subject. Is it just me, or does that scream "surveillance"?

The GR-D750. JVC's answer for the don't-stand-so-close-to-me set. Do you think a copy of Lolita comes with the manual?