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JVC's HD Everios go 1080p

Two new models that capture 1080p MPEG-2 video.

HD Everio GZ-HD6
HD Everio GZ-HD6 JVC America

JVC rolls out a pair of smaller, more progressive high-definition Everio hard drive-based camcorders to replace its GZ-HD7 and GZ-HD3.

The new models can produce a progressive 60 frames per second 1920x1080 output (in JVC's MPEG-2 format), even though they use the same 10x zoom lenses, and same tiny low-resolution sensors as their predecessors. The HD6 has a 120GB hard drive (rated to hold 10 hours of best-quality video), and a microphone input. It comes in black, while the HD5 comes in silver and has a 60GB drive.

Both models support x.v.Color, Sony's name for xvYCC--the international standard for wide-color space within moving images--for better color reproduction on some TVs (currently Sony Bravias and maybe some newer JVC models support it).

In addition, the previous models had issues with subpar optical-image stabilizers that JVC says it has fixed. We also thought they were overpriced; at $1,399 for the HD6 and $1,119 for the HD5, they might still be. We're reserving judgment for now. They'll both be available in March.