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JVC's build-it-yourself speakers: DIY just got rubbish

If you're a DIYer and you've run out of stuff to do yourself -- why not grab a pair of build-it-yourself speakers from JVC? You'd rather not? Fair dos, us neither

Hi, I'm Nate Lanxon. You may remember me from such criticisms as the We7 download service, the Roommates Web TV show and Squircle: the MP3 player that makes children hate you. Seriously, we love laughing at stupid ideas here at Crave, but we don't like it when they come from companies we respect. Today holds just such a stupid idea, and it comes from JVC -- it's the build-it-yourself-'cos-we-can't-be-arsed speaker kit.

Why the Hello Kitty would you want to spend about £140 on a set of speakers that came in bits? No, really, we're asking. Is it so you can add bits in yourself and make it sound better? If that's the case, why are you not buying speakers from Bowers & Wilkins or Denon, whose speakers already sound terrific? Perhaps it's because it's cheaper to sell all the bits separately. Or is it to appeal to DIY obsessives who have run out of stuff to do themselves?

Whatever the business strategy behind the launch of this Lego-cum-speaker kit, you can be safe in the knowledge that only our Japanese buddies are going to get their hands on JVC's new product. Apparently the company is sticking to just releasing good things in Europe. Bravo. Well done. In fact, have a drink on us.

Should you want to buy the comes-in-bits boxes, they're available here. -Nate Lanxon