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JVC's aggressively priced AVCHD camcorders

JVC's new low-end HD models seem to be cheaper than the competition's.

JVC Everio GZ-HD300
JVC delivers HD in a small, cheap package. JVC America

JVC has rolled out its low-end HD camcorders, and they're looking pretty inexpensive and colorful. They all incorporate a new (for JVC) 1/4.1-inch 3-megapixel CMOS sensor and a 20x lens. The Everio GZ-HD320 uses a 120GB hard disk; the GZ-HD300 goes with 60GB. In a nice touch we haven't seen elsewhere, the SD-based GZ-HM200 offers two card slots. The HD300 and the HM200 will come in black, red, and blue, while the HD320 sticks with basic black.

Beyond that, these models look pretty much like everyone else's on paper--support for a 24Mbps bit rate, x.v.Color, yadda, yadda, yadda--just cheaper. the HD300 and HD320 are expected to ship in February for $699 and $799, respectively; comparable models from other manufacturers tend to run about $100 more, though street prices may be the great equalizer. The TM300 will be $579.95 when it ships in March.