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JVC tweaks midclass Everio camcorders

The JVC Everio line gets some new smarts.

The highlight of JVC's Everio models for 2007 is the Gigabrid image-processing engine--an update that's sorely needed, given the poor quality we've seen from past single-chip units. And it must be better than its predecessor, Megabrid, because it's Giga, right? They all have 30GB hard drives, and JVC has added support for high-capacity SD cards, as well as compatibility with the company's DVD dock. The MG555 gets a bump up to a 5-megapixel sensor, too.


GZ-MG130, $499.95, January


GZ-MG155, $599.95, February


GZ-MG255, $699.95, February


GZ-MG555, $899.95, March