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JVC super-slim LCD concept: Master of magnetism

JVC is showing off a concept telly so slim, if it turns sideways you wonder where it's gone. It's also got something of a magnetic personality...

We saw a handful of exciting new concepts today in the 'future room' at the annual JVC gadget get-together in Prague. We know it's the future because there's 3D TVs sitting in the corner. We're a sucker for a super-slim television, and JVC's super-thin LCD technology impressed us with its svelte profile: it's just 7mm thick -- that's about a quarter of an inch. Gadzooks.

A TV this slender can be placed in new and unusual environments. JVC gives the example of a screen placed in a revolving door, although we find them tricky enough already -- if the latest episode of Heroes pops up in front of us we could be going round all day. At least we'd work off those burgers from CES 2009.

Of course, everybody and his dog is touting thin TVs. What makes the 32-inch JVC LCD interesting is the inclusion of a magnet in the rear. This can be used to attach the TV to a wall without the need for any kind of mounting, as shown in our picture. You could, in theory, move it around, and position it wherever you want. Staying away from anyone with over-sized red and silver horseshoe magnets is presumably advised.

So far, this is still a concept, as are the 3D TVs also shown. Despite the fact that the owners of the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers recently watched their NFL game in glorious triple dimensions on JVC 46-inch 3D TVs, we're still not sold on technology that requires glasses. At least these 24-inch, 32-inch and 46-inch monitors have a button to switcheroo back to boring old high definition. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to watch the whole of Nathan Barley in a revolving door.