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JVC: Still here. Still making giant TVs you'll never own

On December 2, JVC plans to unveil what it is purporting to be Times Square's first true 720p HD screen.

Just in case you've forgotten, JVC is still around. And apparently it doesn't want you forgetting that fact anytime soon.

On December 2 it plans to unveil what it says will be Times Square's first true 720p HD screen. I assume they mean the first true 720p screen in Times Square that could not fit in your house.

The screen will be LED-based, boast a size of 19 by 34 feet, a 12,500-pound weight, a pair of LED tickers with animated programming synchronized between all three screens, and of course, giant LED letters illuminated by neon. What would Times Square be without neon?

The screen will be located just one story above ground level at Broadway and 43rd. Here's hoping someone has the foresight to get some Call of Duty hooked up to this thing.

Check out additional specs here.