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JVC Procision LCDs tout superior video processing

JVC has announced the new Procision line of LCDs, promising superior video processing technology in addition to a 1080p native resolution and 120Hz refresh rate.

JVC's demo mode shows off its video processing prowess. CNET Networks

JVC has announced a new line of LCD HDTVs, the Procision series, scheduled to come out his summer. The press release focuses on a gaggle of new video processing technologies, including Inteliigent HD processing, x.v.Color-enabled signal processing, 36-bit image processing, and Clear Motion noise reduction. That's a lot of high-tech mumbo-jumbo, but it doesn't tell us much about how the Procision series will actually perform. Intelligent HD processing dynamically adjusts picture settings and we generally recommend leaving those types of settings off; x.v.Color-enabled signal processing isn't worth much considering there are no announced Blu-ray or HD DVD discs that use x.v.Color. 36-bit image processing and Clear Motion noise reduction might be useful, but we can't be sure until we actually get our hands on a review sample.

The Procision series consists of three models, 42-inch LT-42X899, the 47-inch LT-47X899 and the 52-inch LT-52X899. All three are 1080p TV's, which mean they have a native resolution of 1,920x1,080 (for more information on 1080p vs. 720p--and whether 1080p is worth it--read this column). These sets also have a 120Hz refresh rate, although it doesn't mention whether it includes any dejudder processing.

Connectivity is highlighted by three HDMI 1.3 inputs, two of which include CEC support. For analog video, there are two component video inputs, two S-Video inputs and a PC input. The rest of the connectivity is rounded out by an AV output, RS-232 port and a USB port for viewing photos.

The Procision LCDs are scheduled to come out in the early summer, and pricing is not currently available.