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JVC NX-PN7 dual iPod speaker now available

JVC's latest iPod clock radio can dock not one but two iPods--simultaneously.

JVC NX-PN7 dual iPod speaker
JVC NX-PN7: His-and-hers iPod speaker JVC

Back in January, JVC unveiled the NX-PN7, an iPod speaker system with not one but two iPod docks. The company sent out a press release today to announce that the NX-PN7 is officially available. Otherwise, it looks like nothing's changed since the unit's coming-out party six months ago. Despite doubling down on the music players, the unit is just 13 inches wide. In addition to being able to toggle between "iPod A" and "iPod B," the NX-PN7 features a clock, an auxiliary line-in, and a horizontal light beneath each iPod dock that can be set to any one of nine colors. It has a sleep timer, but apparently no alarm. The list price is $150, but it looks like Amazon is already selling it for closer to $130.

If you think the JVC NX-PN7's dual iPod capacity is overkill, remember that Griffin offers PowerDock chargers that can juice up iPods and iPhonestwo or even four at a time. So, what do you think: are these multi-iPod accessories a good idea, or just more proof that some people have far too many iPods in their home?

JVC NX-PN7 iPod/iPhone audio system