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JVC nightstand pulls double duty as iPhone dock

This fancy bedside table packs powerful speakers, so you can blast your tunes while recharging your iPhone or iPod.

The JVC N-BX3.
The JVC N-BX3. Akihabara News

Like to recharge your iPhone overnight? Listen to tunes while getting dressed? Set the mood during a romantic evening? Are you, perhaps, a fan of monochromatic art-deco furniture?

Also, do you have more money than you know what to do with?

JVC has the product for you: the N-BX3 iPhone/iPod nightstand speaker. No, it's not a speaker that sits on your nightstand; it is a nightstand, one with a pretty powerful audio pedigree.

The N-BX3 comes in black or white (to match your iDevice, natch) with a glass tabletop and front-facing iPhone/iPod dock. It also packs an FM tuner, a pair of 30-watt speakers, and SRS StudioSound HD for room-filling audio.

The price for this functional piece of furniture? About 40,000 yen, which works out to about $525 U.S. Given what you'd pay for a nice ordinary nightstand from a decent furniture store, I suppose that's not entirely crazy.

On the other hand, the N-BX3 is definitely not to my taste. Words like "tacky" and "garish" spring to mind when I look at it. Of course, my bedroom decor is all wood; this would be a much better fit in a more modern-looking room.

In fact, forget your bedside; this might actually work better in a living room alongside a couch or chair.

Alas, if you live stateside, you won't be able to find out: for the moment, the N-BX3 is available only in Japan.

Of course, if you want a combination radio/speaker-dock/charger beside your bed, there are any number of products designed to sit on your nightstand, not take the place of it. The iHome iA63 is one good option.

What do you think of the N-BX3? Is it something you'd consider owning?