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JVC introduces new MP3 players

JVC introduces new MP3 players

Certainly not a heavy hitter in the U.S. MP3 player market, JVC has announced two new models: the 512MB XA-F57 (white, pink, or silver) and the 1GB XA-F107 (gray, pink, or black). Both models play MP3 and DRM WMA files, and they include line-in recording capabilities. The players will be available in late April. Watch for our review. We have previously reviewed JVC's headphone-style player, the XA-A50CL.

Initial take: these players don't bring anything new to the table, and their list prices of $99 (XA-F57) and $149 (XA-F107) aren't exactly bargains. In comparison, the 1GB Cowon iAudio U3 lists for $140.