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JVC HD camcorder leaked, not enough fingers to plug holes

The Everio GZ-HD3 looks different, but we don't know if it fixes the flaws of the HD7.

JVC Everio GZ-HD3?
JVC Everio GZ-HD3? Akihabara News, via

Akihabara News made a big oopsie and posted a story about JVC's forthcoming Everio GZ-HD3. Though the page was quickly pulled, managed to snatch the photo and a few details. A JVC spokesman admitted to me that Akihabara News had signed a nondisclosure agreement for information about the product, which provided a tacit admission that the product really exists and isn't just a rumor.

According to, the HD3 will record HD video at only 1,440x1,080 in JVC's standard MPEG-2 TS format; the GZ-HD7 offers 1,920x1,080 "FHD" video, though it's not widely supported by software. The HD3 is also rumored to capture to SDHC in addition to a 60GB hard disk. Camcorderinfo says it looks smaller than the HD7, but how anyone can tell from a photo is beyond me. We can say it looks silver, while the HD7 looks black.

That's about all the information available. The real story will be whether it's hampered by the same undersized trio of CCDs, broken image stabilizer and poor battery life as its flawed older brother.