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JVC Everio Full High Definition: Junior goes to HD school

The Everio hard-disk range has always intrigued buyers, but lacklustre image quality has plagued this brave new technology. Is JVC's new high-definition model finally worth lubing up for?

Photos of this JVC Everio 'Full High Defintion' (there doesn't seem to be a model number) have been spurtling out of the Japanese CREATEC show this week like hot jam out of a baby's mouth. It's a high-definition (1080i) hard-disk camcorder with a Fujinon 10x optical zoom lens. JVC is clearly determined to lead the charge in the magnetic platter format.

Though impressively ambitious, the image quality on JVC's current flagship model, the GZ-MG505, still doesn't match conventional DV. It'll be interesting to see how this new hi-def model compares. To give you an idea of the size of this camcorder, picture a can of Coke. Now picture a pelican. The Everio is the size of the can of Coke.

We know from George Lucas's efforts on the recent Star Wars movies that good quality video can be captured to hard disk (whether it can also capture a good storyline has yet to be proven). It's just a matter of when we'll see a consumer model that achieves it.

The new Everio is expected to have a swappable hard disk, and given current limitations on drive size at this scale, should have a capacity somewhere around the 30GB-80GB mark. Details are scant at the moment, but we'll bring you pricing and release date info as it becomes available. -CS