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JVC CU-VS100 HD media player: SD cards at the ready

Only playing back content from SD cards, the CU-VS100 is a high-definition media player with less flab than Mischa Barton on a rowing machine

Some media players are all Blu-ray this, Freeview that, and hard drive the other. But the new JVC CU-VS100 media player only plays back content from SD cards. It's so free of flab that tawdry gossip rags could put it on the cover, point at it with arrows, and scream 'Too thin?'.

The CU-VS100 has not one but two SD card slots. It supports SD and SDHC cards, but not the super-new SDXC format. The dual slots play pictures, video and music -- sometimes at the same time, you lucky devils -- and let you copy data from one card to the other, for back-up or sharing purposes.

Comparing the size of the card slots to the size of the machine as a whole, it's easy to see that the CU-VS100 is a small device. It measures about 190mm across.

The CU-VS100 outputs high-definition content to your HDTV via HDMI. JVC describes it as a 'Full HD' media player, but, just to be on the safe side, we asked the company whether that means it supports 1080p video. When JVC responds, we'll let you know.

The machine supports AVCHD video at 24Mbps, including footage recorded on your JVC Everio camcorder. Standard-def footage is upscaled.

The CU-VS100 will be available this month. Its UK price is likely to be around £160.