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JVC camcorder spells YouTube with an 'S'

Marketing for the first in the new Everio S series of SD-based camcorders emphasizes YouTube uploading.

JVC Everio GZ-MS100
JVC Everio GZ-MS100 JVC America

Cheap SD-based camcorders targeting fans of Web-video creation are the hot ticket now, and JVC's the latest to buy a seat on the bandwagon. Its new Everio GZ-MS100, the first in JVC's S series of flash-based camcorders spun off from the G series of hard-disk-based models, looks like a pretty standard compact budget SD-based camcorder, which JVC distinguishes by a one-button upload to YouTube.

On one hand, JVC eschews the fancy new designs favored by products such as the Flip Video Ultra or Creative Vado (watch this link for a review of the latter) to stick with the veteran--and manufacturing friendly--horizontal camcorder design. However, that enables it to also retain the 35X stalker zoom lens where products like those have none, and supply a higher-resolution 680,000K CMOS sensor compared with VGA-resolution on those models.

Here it is: the One-Touch upload, proof of the GZ-MS100's YouTube friendliness.
Here it is: the One-Touch upload button, proof of the GZ-MS100's YouTube friendliness. JVC America

Though relatively cheap, it's still significantly more expensive than those one-trick-ponies. At its $349 price it really competes with models such as the $399 Canon FS100 and Panasonic's $299 SDR-S7. It does have that one-button YouTube upload, though, which really just connects, transcodes, and uploads via bundled Cyberlink software. Still, that software should be better than Canon's must-miss Pixela ImageMixer.

You'll be able to buy the GZ-MS100 in June.