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JVC and his technicolour dream camcorder: GY-HD250U

We've looked at hi-def video camcorders before, but now the format is evolving into one of the most interesting media for new filmmakers to realise their creative spasms

There is a land where camcorders capable of recording 1,280x720-pixel progressive video at 60 frames per second frolic in the valleys of hi-def video like unicorns. In this land of glistening multi-megapixel waterfalls and Oompa-Loompas with hair made of scrumpled-up miniDV tape, there lives the JVC GY-HD250U.

This is JVC's latest HD camcorder and it's not for the faint of wallet. At $8,995 (£4,750) you might balk, but considering the spec sheet on this camcorder, JVC seems to be offering a lot for the money. 

The GY-HD250 captures real 24p (24fps in progressive scan) and 30p for what JVC is describing as "polished, film-like quality HD recordings". Time codes are written to tape in a native 24p mode, letting you transfer recordings to film for cinema distribution.

It's rather excessive to consider this beast for home use, but budding filmmakers driven into a fervour by Cannes this week should consider this a potentially wonderful investment. We expect the GY-HD250 to appear some time in the third quarter of this year. -CS