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Justin Bieber to grace CES 2012 (Scream!)

The great, irreplaceable Canadian singer will be promoting TOSY, a Vietnamese robotics company. What sort of robot will he be promoting?

If one was ever in two minds about getting on a plane tomorrow to fly to the fleshpots and fleapits of Vegas, those doubts are gone.

For the Consumer Electronics Show, the ultimate exhibition of everything that is tomorrow, will be graced by the ultimate exhibition of everything that is now. Yes, Justin Bieber.

My eyes have just descended on a press release that declares he will be there Wednesday between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m. to promote the Vietnamese robotics company TOSY, famous for its Topio robot.

Sadly, the press release declares that Bieber will not be available to answer questions about, say, robot babies.

CC Daniel Ogren/Flickr

He will, it seems, merely be there to add his scientific endorsement of a new robot.

We never spread rumors on Technically Incorrect. It is declasse. However, I wonder whether this new robot will be, well, a Justin Bieber robot.

It is quite clear that the world cannot get enough of Canada's greatest export--well, after gross reasonableness.

Yet, the poor man can only be in one place at a time. He also has a personal life, which is invaded by more lenses than the Spanish Steps.

So might it be that the big surprise will be a new Justin Bieber robot that will be able to perform on the sides of the world where the great one is not?

Never say never.

Naturally, stars are clamoring to appear on the CNET stage in order to present certain gadgety wares in an appropriately reverent atmosphere.

I can sneak-reveal that LL Cool J and Eliza Dushku will, among others, be gracing us with their presence. There will also a return appearance by 50 Cent.

Tech, you see, is the new rock 'n' roll. Surely you've heard that famous tech personalities are now being accused of getting into fights and throwing outrageous parties.

Meanwhile, Steven Tyler says he fell over in the shower.