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Justin Bieber geeks out at CES with dancing robot

A gaggle of geeks gathered at CES for Justin Bieber's unveiling of Tosy's mRobo, a humanoid entertainment robot that plays music and dances.

Justin Bieber and mRobo
The Biebs is impressed with mRobo's splits. Amanda Kooser/CNET

LAS VEGAS--CES doesn't allow under-18s onto the show floor. So when Justin Bieber showed up at the Tosy Robotics booth, he was greeted with guttural man-screams from the predominantly guy-geek crowd.

Bieber showed up to promote Tosy's new entertainment robot, mRobo. It's a little fella with a speaker in its belly and dance moves to go along with the tunes it plays.

The robot is humanoid, but folds down into a more compact size for use as a portable speaker system. It joins Tosy's existing lineup of robots.

The actual demonstration was very brief, with some inaudible dialogue about the bot. You can check out the video, but you'll mostly just have to gaze lovingly at the Biebs as he poses with the gadget.

When I first signed up for CNET duty, I jokingly told my editor that I thought the site needed more Justin Bieber coverage. Therefore, this day was fated to occur.

I squeaked into the autograph line before the unveiling and conducted what may be the shortest Justin Bieber interview on record, a full 6.3 seconds where he reveals his favorite gadget. Hit up the video for the not-too-surprising answer.

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