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'Justice League' tickets go on sale, and there's a new teaser

Who's ready to mete out some justice, DC Comics style? The latest video clip is short but sweet, and packed with Aquaman-heavy action.

"Justice" is coming. On Wednesday, advance tickets for the long-awaited upcoming "Justice League" movie went on sale online, and a few goodies came with them.

Online ticketing site Fandango released a short but action-packed teaser for the movie, featuring some images we've seen before. You may want to keep hitting the pause button, as the fight scenes go by pretty fast. Highlights include Cyborg and Flash interacting in a very big-and-little-brother way ("You get technical, I'm on bug duty," Flash says); Aquaman in a dapper leather coat; what appears to be the god Zeus joining in the battle against Steppenwolf; Wonder Woman finding something "beautiful;" and Aquaman letting out a yee-haw that'd make a cowboy proud.

Fandango also revealed a free poster that's available to ticket buyers while supplies last. Fans will notice the sly way the poster managed to get Superman in, as well as utilize the various heroes' symbols in the poster slogan. That bat for the "E" in "the" is especially creative.

"Justice League" opens Nov. 17.