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'Justice League' teasers showcase Aquaman, Batman, Flash

Individual characters get their moments in the spotlight as Saturday's much-anticipated full teaser approaches.

Is it too early to crown Jason Momoa's Aquaman the breakout star of "Justice League"? We've only seen snippets of him (though the swimming looks pretty cool), but it's already apparent he's got more than a little of Khal Drogo's wild "Game of Thrones" warrior in him.

He also dominates the short teaser released on Thursday, first standing in front of a wild wave and letting it crash around him, then taking his trident from Batman, then apparently controlling the oceans, which for him is probably as easy as turning off a faucet.

According to, there may be a teaser trailer released for each of the main "Justice League" characters between now and Saturday's full trailer. That speculation looked pretty solid later Thursday, when a Batman-focused teaser and accompanying poster came out.

The Batman teaser includes a worried-looking Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck), plus a glamour shot where Batman's cape flies in the wind and and a brief action scene of the new Batmobile pulling out its big guns.

And a few hours later, The Flash sped his way through a teaser of his own.

If the one-teaser-per-main-hero rumor is accurate, we're now expecting Wonder Woman and Cyborg to round out the snack buffet of teasers before fans feast on the full trailer on Saturday.

"Justice League" hits theaters Nov. 17 in the US and UK, and Nov. 16 in Australia.

First published March 23, 10:12 a.m. P.T.
Update 2:11 p.m. PT: Added "Batman" teaser and poster.
Update: 5:19 p.m. PT: Added "Flash" teaser.

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