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Just what we need: a texting mirror

Do we really need messages that much?

Better Living Through Design

Nothing is more jarring to Crave than an interruption to our morning routine, a time reserved for such sanctified rituals as long, hot showers and the day's first cup of coffee. That's why we think this "smart" mirror is an invention of the devil.

In addition to helping you straighten your toupee, the "+336+ SMS Mirror" acts as a remote receiver that picks up text messages streamed from a mobile phone or PDA and displays them on the shiny surface, according to Ubergizmo. (It's also worthy of Crave's odd-name category.)

Obviously perfect ammunition for those who think that we're overrun with communication in the Digital Age, it takes such mirrored concepts as digital radiator read-outs and billboard scrolling to a disturbing new level. But most obnoxious of all is the price: $10,000.

So why stop there? If you really want to converse with your reflection, you can get a "Magic Message Mirror" to actually talk to you for around $20,000.