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Just what Fido needs: a diamond MP3 pendant

And you thought stuff like this for humans was obscene.


It may not be embossed with a crystal Hello Kitty head (thank God), but this MP3 necklace an equally gaudy and ridiculous way to pamper your pooch. As if the mere idea of a canine music player weren't silly enough, the "JooZoo" is a heart-shaped MP3 pendant made of diamonds and 18k gold, with matching remote and speaker dock.

Even worse, Popgadgets says South Korea's Innobitz claims it will "enhance your pet's physical health and relieve stress through automatic content responding to various pet behaviors." Luckily, it's reportedly available only on the Korean market for somewhere between $1,500 to $2,000--which is way too expensive to impress a potential date through Rover's canine social network anyway.