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How weird is the new 'Star Wars' lightsaber? A Jedi and a Sith debate

Sketch comedy group The Warp Zone puts together a hilarious skit in which a Jedi and a Sith debate the benefits and drawbacks of the crossguard lightsaber from "The Force Awakens."

Just when we thought the Internet was starting to accept the new crossguard lightsaber introduced in the "Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens" trailer, a new sketch from comedy group The Warp Zone renews the debate over the fancy new blade.

In the clip, after a brief lightsaber battle between a Jedi Knight and a member of the Sith Order equipped with a crossguard lightsaber, the two men stop to debate how functional such a weapon actually is. They discuss many of the criticisms and defenses we've heard so far, including whether the weapon would defend against a direct hit on the crossguard, and whether the weapon actually has three separate blades or a single blade split into three.

After the Jedi Knight points out how silly the Sith guy's arguments in favor of the blade are, the Sith reveals his dark secret. The blade is pretty useless, actually, but he made it to look cool so he could impress his kid, who he only gets to see every other weekend because a judge deemed that Sith-hood didn't count as gainful employment.

"Ever since Darth Maul made that double lightsaber, that's all the kid ever talks about," the Sith man says. "You know, he's got double the blades, he must be double the dad."

But in the end, all the kid talk is just a ploy to wear down the Jedi's defenses. Check out the full skit in the video above, and remember to never trust the Sith, no matter how dumb (or cool) their lightsabers really are.

Never trust a Sith carrying a crossguard lightsaber. Video screenshot by Anthony Domanico/CNET