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Just how good is that Warhol piece?

MIT guy makes a device to measure quality of art.


Can you measure the quality of a piece of art? According to a post over at We Make Money Not Art, Marcelo Coelho at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology thinks so. He's created a contraption called the "Art-o-Meter," which claims to measure the quality of a piece of art by using a motion detector to gauge how much time people stand around staring at it. That clock is then compared to the total length of the exhibition in question, and voila!--you have a definitive answer to the question, "Is there such thing as bad art?" Why, yes, if no one takes any time to look at it.

Judging by these standards, the highest form of art must be those "Where's Waldo?" books. You could stare at those for hours.

P.S.: What do you think the Art-o-Meter would have to say about fellow Craver James Kim's postmodern FireWire tangle?

(Photo: We Make Money Not Art)