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Just 2% of phone buyers would opt for Nokia Lumia 800

A study shows just 2 per cent of people looking to buy a new phone would choose the Nokia Lumia 800. Oh boy.

The Lumia 800, Nokia's first foray into Windows Phone country is a slick smart phone, marred only by a lack of apps and a slightly disappointing camera. But it seems most people looking to buy a new phone still won't go for it.

Just 2 per cent of Europeans in the market for a new handset say they would choose it, according to a survey by Exane BNP Paribas, Reuters reports. So what's up? Surely it can't all be down to the battery issues the handset has suffered?

Analysts have blamed the huge popularity of Apple and Android, as well as the head start the two have enjoyed. "There isn't much room left for a third ecosystem," Bernstein analyst Pierre Ferragu told Reuters. "The smart phone market is consolidating fast."

Earlier this week we reported the iPhone accounts for a third of all smart phones sold -- in the last month, nearly a quarter of all phones sold were Apple's iPhone 4S.

Shortly after launch, some Lumia 800 owners complained the handset had a perilously short battery life. Nokia announced a software update to fix the bug, and promised an update in the new year will sort it all out. Or if you can't wait, Nokia will replace your handset.

Maybe part of the Lumia 800's problem is its price. That's what one of O2's top brass reckons anyway. The phone costs £450 on pay as you go, or from £10 a month on contract.

But it's early days yet for Nokia's partnership with Microsoft. The Lumia 900 is rumoured to arrive next year, along with the 710 -- so there's clearly plenty of life in the old Finnish dog yet.

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