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Jupiter Panel Touts Future Net Programs

Industry experts at Jupiter Communications' Consumer Internet '96 Conference predict that 1996 will be a milestone year for the Internet.

NEW YORK CITY--According to a panel of industry experts appearing this morning at Jupiter Communications' Consumer Internet '96 conference, 1996 will be a milestone year for the Internet as applications leapfrog one another. The panel included Jim Barksdale, president and CEO of Netscape Communications, and Greg Moyer, COO and president of Discovery Channel Online.

CD-ROM titles that present static data linked to dynamic information on the Internet will grow dramatically in popularity, said Barksdale. For example, a bridge player could learn the game from a CD-ROM and then actually play with others via a Web site.

Next year will also be important in terms of broadband access applications. Discovery's Greg Moyer said that the success of trials such as the one Tele-Communications Inc. and @Home plan for Sunnyvale, California, will wow users.

Earlier in the day, Netscape's Barksdale gave the opening keynote address, kicking off the two-day conference. Tomorrow, MCI/News Corp editor in chief Anthea Disney will deliver a keynote address at the show. Disney is expected to provide attendees with an outline of the company's plans for its online efforts. According to company officials, those efforts will include both subscription-based and Web content.