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Junior high students start solar company

Put down the Wii, gentlemen. This is a board meeting.

Calsunenergy CEO Alex Boyer has a tough schedule. He has to hold meetings at night because he's got science camp in the daytime.

That's because Boyer is pretty young. He goes into the eighth grade in the fall.

For Calsunenergy, however, it's not unusual. The company--which is trying to develop a concentrator for solar cells and come up with a way to convert heat generated by solar cells into usable energy--is founded by kids in grade school and junior high. CTO Shaun Boyer will be in sixth grade in the fall. The VPs of marketing and sales will start fifth grade later this year.

The company has one patent application on file and has entered the California Clean Tech Open, which gives prizes and office space to winners. Greenvolts, which has helped commercialize a solar concentrator (a concentrator focuses additional sunlight on a solar cell to increase electrical output), got its start at the open last year. Now it's signing deals.

Calsunenergy is based in Santa Clara, Calif., which sort of figures.