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Jumpstart the beat with a Pacemaker

DJs can now spin their tracks by fiddling in their pocket, courtesy of Tonium's Pacemaker handheld tune mixer.

Chuck some decks in your pocket

Club DJs get treated like rock stars these days, which explains why so many feel the need to wear sunglasses inside.

But while the life of a deck spinner may seem particularly charmed, there is one big downside: lugging all those LPs from nightspot to nightspot. Unless you can afford a hired chimp to do the heavy lifting, the constant schlepping can really cramp one's style.

Easing the hernias of disc jockeys the world over is Swedish company Tonium, which has released a pocketable tune-mixing device known as the Pacemaker: presumably because it keeps your heart a-pumping at a dance floor-friendly BPM.

The touch-controlled Pacemaker sports a 120GB hard drive for cramming in a radio station library's worth of songs in MP3, M4A, AIFF, FLAC, WAV, Ogg Vorbis and SND formats. You play two tracks at once and edit on the fly, using features such as crossfading, beat matching, auto-cue, pitch bending and looping. The resulting mixes can be saved and shared with other music-minded people on the Pacemaker website.

The Pacemaker is available in Australia now for AU$1,099. We'll be taking delivery of one shortly, so keep those dilated pupils trained on for the full review. In the meantime you can explore the Pacemaker mixing software by visiting the Editor section of the official website.