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Julienne as easy as peeling

The Julienne Peeler utilizes a special blade that juliennes while it peels.

A shortcut for the kitchen. Solutions

Prep work can be so monotonous--boring, even. Anybody who has ever peeled pounds of potatoes or chopped any amount of onions would agree. (Well, OK, onions in particular keep things interesting with their affinity for tear ducts.) That being said, prep work pays off; the reward is almost always worth it. After all, that's why we do it. Sometimes, it's the simple little things that make meals special.

I enjoy a good salad, but I don't enjoy the preparation they sometimes require. Carrots are a delicious ingredient in most any salad, but perhaps more than any other ingredient, texture is important. Hand-held graters sometimes produce shredded carrot, while food processors don't leave anything resembling a carrot (except for the color orange) after a quick spin in the machine. If opting for the manual route, impressive knife skills are needed to slice a carrot into properly proportioned julienne strips.

The Julienne Peeler is a handy gadget that may just provide an easy answer to an age-old kitchen chore. The special blade allows for one quick swipe to produce instant julienne carrot strips. Quick and easy, the specialized peeler makes it easy to create all the julienne carrots you may need. Considering the options, a consistently sized carrot slice made possible by an easy-to-use kitchen tool can only be a good thing.