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Julian Assange isn't the best skateboarder, embassy footage reveals

The WikiLeaks founder spent at least part of his time in the Ecuadorian embassy in London learning new moves but footage shows he had a long way to go.


Julian Assange works on a new hobby while holed up in the Ecuadorean embassy in London.

El Pais video screenshot by Eric Mack / CNET

What does a wanted man do when he's stuck inside the Ecuadorian embassy for nearly seven years? If you're Julian Assange, apparently you strip down to your singlet and shred on your skateboard for anyone willing to watch -- and for security cameras. 

Seems he's been passing the years by causing a bit of trouble and sometimes just trying to shred like Tony Hawk ... if Tony Hawk were confined to a really small room and never learned to skateboard well at all.   

On Thursday, the infamous WikiLeaks founder was kicked out of the embassy in London that has been his home for several years. In 2012, Assange was accused of rape in Sweden, which led him to flee to the embassy where he spent six years and 10 months living in a small room.

Video footage obtained by the Spanish newspaper El Pais shows Assange in a skimpy singlet doing his best to thrash on a skateboard, but mainly just falling all over himself. 

Ecuador grew tired of Assange's antics and his continued work with WikiLeaks from inside the embassy, opting to bounce him last Thursday. 

British police were allowed to enter the embassy and drag Assange out to be arrested on charges of jumping his bail years ago. The rape charge in Sweden has been dropped, but charges in the UK remain and charges against him in the US have also been unsealed.   

No word yet on whether extradition to skate school is an option. 

Originally published 4:43 p.m PT.