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Juicy BlackBerry 8300 pictures emerge

Rumors and images of RIM BlackBerry 8300 "Daytona" surface on the Web.

RIM BlackBerry 8300
If this is the BlackBerry 8300, then me-rrrow. Mentesdigitales via Engadget Mobile

Man, the RIM BlackBerry 8800 has to feel a little jilted. The sleek, full QWERTY device just came out over a week ago, and already we've moved on to the next big thing. That's a pretty quick 15 minutes of fame, even in the tech world. But can you really blame us? Not when there are rumors of a Wi-Fi-enabled BlackBerry 8820 out in the wild. And now, thanks to Spanish site Mentesdigitales, we can drool over another rumored RIM device, the BlackBerry 8300, aka "Daytona." This sexy beast sports an attractive silver casing as well as the Pearl-like trackball. It's also said to have integrated Wi-Fi as well as a 2-megapixel camera with flash and built-in GPS. Not a ton of other information is available right now--you know, the stuff we really want to know like release date, pricing, carrier, and 3G support--but you can bet we'll be keeping close tabs on both the BlackBerry 8820 and 8300.