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Juicero lays off staff, plans to launch cheaper juicer

After catching flak that its smart juicers were overpriced and superfluous, Juicero lays off a fourth of its workers.


Juicero, the maker of a Wi-Fi connected smart juicer, is laying off 25 percent of its staff and is working on a second-gen juicer that will cost less than the current $400 model.

You may recall Juicera from back in April, when Bloomberg pointed out that the electronic juicer (which originally went for $700 before the initial price drop) can be bypassed by simply hand-squeezing the juice bags users placed inside the machine. The debacle encapsulated what was considered peak out-of-touch Silicon Valley culture: a tech company seeking to solve a nonexistent problem by selling an overpriced and apparently unnecessary device.

In a memo written to employees, CEO Jeff Dunn said the current price of the press at $5-$7 a juice pack is not "a realistic way for us to fulfill our mission at the scale to which we aspire." The company is currently working on a new juicer known as "v2." It will also reduce its staff by a fourth in the sales and marketing departments.

Dunn also recalled the Bloomberg incident in the memo, calling it a distraction and that, "it was frustrating to read that something we always knew about, and that our customers simply aren't interested in doing, was somehow new and relevant."

He emphasized his confidence in continued user interest, citing that despite offering an extended return period for the machine, less than 5 percent of customers took up the offer.