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The Citrocasa Fantastic is a fast, well-designed orange juicer. Targeted for use at small businesses, the juicer needs very little room to operate.

Belongs next to the coffeemaker.
Belongs next to the coffeemaker. Citrocasa

A nice, cold glass of freshly squeezed orange juice to start the day can't be beat (not counting coffee). As an eye-opener, the tangy beverage is a healthy option and doesn't compare to the stuff from the grocery store shelf. Alas, to create this delicious and nutritious drink, at least a modicum of coordination is required--something that mornings do not have an abundance of. If the coordination required for walking is about all that can be mustered in the morning, the good news is that freshly squeezed orange juice is readily available at many locations--and possibly about to become even more so.

The Citrocasa Fantastic is a small, industrial orange-juicing machine that requires very little room to operate. With a footprint measuring about 15 inches by 22 inches (it has a height of just over 30 inches), the juicer can be placed on a countertop in even the smallest corner coffee shop. Optional accessories such as a wire basket for storing oranges as well as a permanent countertop installation kit (for dropping peels away out of sight under the counter) exist for those that happen to have a little extra room to spare.

Fast is the name of the game when it comes to serving up this orange juice. With a listed operability of 30 oranges per minute (that translates to about 2 liters of juice), the juicer helps sleepy-eyed patrons quickly get on their way. An innovative slicing system grabs the orange and gives it a clean cut before it is juiced, promising consistent results while requiring very little attention to operate--a favorite condition for non-morning people everywhere.

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