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Judge to wayward teen: Hand over your Xbox

A judge in Belfast orders an accused teen burglar to hand over his beloved Xbox as a condition of bail. Will this start a trend in creative technology-related punishments in court?

Xbox 360
A teen's prized possession is surrendered as a condition of bail. Microsoft

Think back to when you were 13. What was the worst punishment you could imagine? Maybe it was being grounded or getting your allowance docked.

For me, it would have been having my "Star Trek"-rerun viewing privileges revoked. (I know, I've always been geeky.)

A 13-year-old in Belfast, Ireland, with a series of burglary charges under his belt is seeing his own nightmare punishment come true. A judge ordered the surrender of his Xbox console as a condition of bail.

According to a report from BBC News, Belfast High Court Justice McLaughlin wanted to teach the young man what it was like to have something of value taken away. The console will be returned once the charges have been settled.

The teen faces five counts of burglary and one of attempted burglary, according to BBC News. He allegedly stole two electric drills and a mobile phone during break-ins to a high school, shopping center, and house earlier this year.

This raises some interesting options when it comes to doling out repercussions for modern teens. The threat of not hanging out with buddies was once a top-of-the-line discipline move. These days, it's all about cell phones, computer time, and gaming consoles.

There is an old-style sanction to go along with the Xbox abdication. The alleged teen burglar is also barred from hanging out with his co-accused in the case.