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Judge says no to Jobs' demolition plans

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has overhauled consumer electronics and is helping to revamp the music industry, but his plans to remake his home in Woodside, Calif. are being thwarted.

Jobs has sought to demolish a 17,000-square foot home he bought in 1984 to make way for a smaller dwelling. Preservationists sued to halt the destruction of the "Jackling House," built for Utah Copper Co. magnate Daniel Jackling.

A San Mateo Superior Court judge recently ruled that the town improperly granted Jobs a demolition permit, according to the Associated Press.

Jobs' attorney told the AP he will likely appeal.

Dont worry about a homeless Jobs. He and his family currently live in Palo Alto, Calif., and haven't lived in the Woodside home, built in the Spanish Colonial Revival style, for a decade.

A group called Uphold Our Heritage want Jobs to restore the home. Before allowing Jobs to tear down the house, local officials required that he try to give it away to anyone who could afford to restore it. No takers were found.

The AP reported that the home has developed dry rot and has been vandalized.