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Judge recusal delays Oracle, SAP case

Software maker Oracle's suit against SAP for unfair business practices is again delayed after judge dismisses herself from the case.

Oracle's case against SAP, in which it accused the company of spying, has been stalled due to reassignment, according to a court order filed by the presiding judge. On May 9, Judge Maxine M. Chesney, of U.S. Federal District Court in the Northern District of California, formally recused herself from hearing Oracle's case. She cited herself as "disqualified" and requested that the case be reassigned. Her action will obviously delay proceedings. Chesney did not cite why she felt the need to dismiss herself from the case.

On March 22, 2007 Oracle filed suit against SAP. Oracle's complaint against the company (PDF) claims SAP violated the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and the California Computer Data Access and Fraud Act, and engaged in unfair competition practices and "negligent interference with prospective economic advantage." SAP has said that it will "aggressively defend" itself against the charges.