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UK judge fired for anonymously abusing critics online

The judge was accused of branding his critics as "donkeys" and "trolls" in the comments section of a local news site.


The UK's Judicial Conduct Investigations Office has spoken.

Peter Dazeley/Getty Images

A UK judge has been fired for anonymously hitting back at critics online.

Lawyer and Recorder Jason Dunn-Shaw had been working as a barrister and judge in separate cases at the Canterbury Crown Court that were reported by local news site KentOnline. When readers criticised his judgments in the comments section of the articles, the news site said, Dunn-Shaw adopted a false name to brand them "donkeys" and "trolls" in the comments and on Facebook.

Following an investigation, the Judicial Conduct Investigations Office concluded Tuesday that Dunn-Shaw's actions were "not compatible with the dignity of judicial office or suggested a lack of impartiality on matters of public controversy. The Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice concluded that this behaviour fell below the standard expected of a judicial office holder and have removed Mr. Dunn-Shaw from judicial office."

Dunn-Shaw could not be reached for comment. He reportedly plans to appeal the decision.