JPEGView and 7.6 conflict

JPEGView and 7.6 conflict


For the past several weeks, I have gotten numerous reports of problems with JPEGView that first appear after upgrading to Mac OS 7.6. The most common reported symptom is that all menus to the right of the Edit menu are garbled in some way. Others have reported Type 11 errors.

I am not sure what is the cause here, especially so since I have never had any of these problems (I am using version 3.3). However, one reader claimed that simply re-installing a fresh copy of JPEGView solved his problems with it. However, this does not appear to work for everyone.

Update: Toshi Clark reports having both of these symptoms and getting them both fixed by updating to JPEGView 3.3.1. Jim C. reports that simply trashing JPEGView's Preferences file solved the problem for him.

Update: Jim Stoneburner writes: "JPEGView 3.3.1 and 3.3 are identical except for the address of the author. Therefore, any improvement from installing 3.3.1 must be simply due to the clean installation."

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