Josh Wolf free at last

blog Longest-imprisoned journalist for contempt of court turned over the footage federal authorities had been seeking and is now a free man

update Josh Wolf, the video blogger and longest-imprisoned journalist for contempt of court, was freed Tuesday afternoon.

"Today, Josh got what he wanted from day one--he will not have to testify before the grand jury about the events at the protest or the identities of participants," his Oakland, Calif.-based attorney David Greene wrote in a statement.

Not only did Wolf, 24, hand over the footage of a 2005 anarchist protest that federal authorities had been seeking, heposted it to his blog.

"During the course of this saga I have repeatedly offered to allow a judge to be the arbiter over whether or not my video material has any evidentiary value," the blog posting read. "Today, you the public have the opportunity to be the judge and I am confident you will see, as I do, that there is nothing of value in this unpublished footage."

Wolf was sent to a federal correctional facility in Dublin, Calif., on August 1 for refusing to cooperate with officials seeking footage of the San Francisco protest that turned violent. With exception of a short release on bail, he's been there ever since--for a total of 226 days.

Wolf is scheduled to make a public statement Tuesday on the steps of San Francisco City Hall at 5 p.m.

The case has been for about six weeks.